• Human Resource

    • Notes for Applying
      Applicants should provide such information as the resume, copies of relevant certificates (such as the graduation certificate, ID Card, qualifications, etc.)
      1. Please specify your name, gender, age, educational background, professional titles, work experience, training experience, specialties, contacts, etc.
      2. Please carry your graduation certificate, degree certificate, qualifications, ID card, etc. (the original certificates and copies);
      3. Please provide your job referee or recommender during the interview, and background research might be conducted if necessary.
      Only those qualified for the selection would be further informed, and the information would be kept in the talent reserve library of the company, and kept confidential, but it would not be returned.
      If you are qualified for our positions, we will communicate with you through telephone. But if not for the moment, we will keep your information well.
      Application Procedures
      Resume delivery: all candidates should submit the resume online and fill in relevant information. Please click [I want to apply] of the corresponding position to fill in the resume online.
      Written test: candidates qualified for the resume selection might be informed to take a professional test according to the position applied.
      Interview: candidates qualified for the resume selection or written test would be invited for the interview (one to one or many to one)
      Background research: it will be conducted for candidates if necessary. If candidates provide fake resumes or degrees, they won’t be recruited if found.
      Recruitment: for those qualified for the above links, the human resource department will send job offers via email.

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